Friday, November 6, 2009

10/31-11/6 Shopping Week- Hooray for Stonyfield Farms!!!

As I mentioned in last week's recap, I am now referring to my shopping week as starting on Saturday and ending on Friday.  So, last Saturday was a great start to my shopping week!

We were out of town visiting my parents for Halloween and my mom asked me to pick up a few things at Price Chopper for her.  I had some Muir Glen $1 coupons that were going to expire and had been unable to find a good deal on their canned tomatoes, which we love and were getting dangerously low on.  So, I told my husband we needed to check out the Muir Glen and Price Chopper while we were there.  I'm so glad we did!  The smaller 14oz cans were on sale for $1.59 and the larger 26oz cans for $2.59.  I grabbed the last 5 small cans and headed to the checkout.  This is the part where it gets REALLY GOOD!  This particular Price Chopper doubles $1 Qs.  My tomatoes were FREE!!!!!!!!!  I decided I should head back and use up the rest of my Qs on the bigger cans, which were 59c!  So, that was the best start to my shopping week.

I returned home and was grateful to find some decent deals had popped up at Walgreens.  I had a ton of Register Rewards expiring and had no great plans to use them up, so I was grateful to my friends over at A FULL CUP for these finds!

Used $36.50 in Register Rewards
Received $40 in Register Rewards

 Shoprite proved to be a good week with some very nice sales matched with some great coupons for Stonyfield Farms Organic Dairy products.
The finally tally there on the Stonyfield was (12) 3-in1 meals---the sweet potato and apple is delicious, (7) Oikos, (1) 1/2 gal milk, (4) smoothies for $4.39!

Grabbed a couple deals at Adams and Target, too! 

FINAL TOTAL: $46.92!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was such a great week!

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