Friday, November 13, 2009

11/7-11/13 Shopping Week-Pizza, Meatballs, and the Flu, Oh MY!!!

Well, we started off the week strong, but, alas, the plague has hit home.
DD3 has the H1N1 flu and the doctor says we will all show some symptoms sooner or later.
I finally made it to the Shoprite last night.  I forgot one key ingredient for tonight's Caribbean Night's Dinner and sent my darling husband this morning to pick up those plantains.  During my trip last night I found Perdue Italian Meatballs on sale for $1.84 with 75c peelies on them that doubled making for 34c meatballs.  I had my husband pick up 4 more packages of those this morning since he was nice enough to get my plantains!

I managed to pick up a few Halloween items on clearance that we can use next year or for dress up.

And I found the cutest dress on clearance at Target!
My best friend from childhood has a baby girl and I plan to give this as a Christmas gift!

My hubby stopped at Adams for me, too!

All in all, not such a bad week excluding the flu!

Total= $36.85

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