Saturday, November 21, 2009

11/14-11/20 Shopping Week----Gifts Included!

We fought off the last of the Flu this week and DD3 was able to go back to school at the end of the week!
I spent a little too much at Walgreens, but I did manage to get a few things to use as gifts for upcoming celebrations!

I stopped at the Bread Outlet and lucked out!  I was able to get 5 loaves of Arnold's bread (no HFCS!) for $1/loaf!!! I also used up some ECBs at CVS and a few items at Shoprite.

Adams- Yummy Veggies!

Shoprite had some great sales this week!
Highlights include a MM on Solo and dole pineapple, International Delights, Carolina Rice , Green Giant Veggies and Muir Glen tomato sauce all for FREE!

There's some of the Walgreens!

More Fresh Food at Adams.
We went out to Family night at the store.  Every Wednesday night from 6pm-close they have cookies and juice/cider and give 10% off your total.
We were very excited to find the bag of hot peppers in the *reduced for quick sale* section!

More great deals at Shoprite!

More overspending at Walgreens, but look at the dolly!

Total Spent = $54.93

Next week we are contributing the turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner.  It is going to cost around $55, so my goal is to keep the rest of my shopping to a minimum.  I have $8 in ONYO Catalinas to use at Shoprite and lots of fresh veggies to use up so this should be pretty easy!


Suz said...

Hope your family is feeling all better now.

Looks like you did ok shopping this week. Don't get down on yourself when you spend a little more than you expected.. it happens, and you save so much the rest of the time it's ok to spend a little extra once and awhile :)

Noelle said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Suz!
I think it's mostly frustrating that I haven't planned for it or realized it until I add up my receipts!
I'll get over it :)