Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Night Meal Recap wk of 11/1-11/8

Here's a little recap of the week's menu:

MONDAY's replacement meal was a delicious choice!  The Chicken and Cheese Casserole was a hit with all and was super easy to make. 

TODAY's DH'S CHOICE(THIS MEANS HE CHOSES/HE COOKS!) turned into DH choosing a recipe and chopping some onions and garlic.  The slow cooker and I took care of the rest!

And the chosen recipe was..........................SLOW COOKER BEEF BOURGUIGNON

This was a hit!  We all loved it!  I'm not a gravy person but this was so good, I couldn't get enough....can you see my plate!
I even made my own herbs de provence using that pestle and mortar in the first pic!
It was a gift from my sister, so I made sure to call her and let her know I was finally putting it to good use!

This was a great meal to end the week!

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