Saturday, July 2, 2011

Berries and more!

Well, we spent more than the $40 budgeted for the week, which is why it's good we take the average!  Most of the money this week was spent on re-stocking things we needed.  You'll also notice a few "extras", like the beets, which are for a July 4th BBQ and were not a great bargain.  Hey, we all need a few treats here and there! I grabbed a few great sales along the way, but nothing remarkable.  This coming sales week isn't looking to be anything special, but I am excited about blueberries at Shoprite.  Aldi had them for $1.29 this week, but Shoprite's 6/$6.99 is a few cents cheaper next week and we all know that every penny counts! We're pretty well stocked, so other than the blueberries and a few other fresh items, next week should be light.

Total Spending this week = $56.15
Total Savings this week = $78.33 or 58% Savings

Our budget for the month (June 25-July 29) will be the usual $40/week.

Happy BBQ season!

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