Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ending the Month on a good note even if I am WAY over budget!

Well, I finally had an easier shopping week and that also meant an easier week on my wallet.
Here's what I purchased this week:

One final round of transactions at Shoprite to finish off my Snackwell Qs! $4.39

A bunch of quick stops including Dollar Tree, a Bread Outlet, Aldi and Stop & Shop. $8.93
Shoprite for some odds and ends and Free Italian Ice! $7.08

I also stopped at Target for a few deals and purchased coupons for next week's Marcal sale at Shoprite.

Total Spending this week = $28.07
Total Savings this week = $116.95 or 80% Savings

Total Spending this month = $249.05
Total Savings this month = $862.07 or 78% Savings

$49 over budget!

I'm going to trim my August budget to $35/week average or a total of $175 for the month (July 30th- September 2). That should help put me back on track!!!

How was your shopping this week?

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Kristen @ Joyfullythriving said...

My shopping was good, too! Way to get some great deals!