Friday, July 22, 2011

Saturday's Savings Summary: Oops, did I do that?

Well, it was quite the busy week of lots of small transactions in order to keep my OOP low and roll Catalinas.  These weeks often creep up in cost without me realizing I've gone way over budget.

CVS: $1.18
Aldi: $14.05
Shoprite: $1.62
Adams: $8.94
Stop & Shop: -$0.19 (There was a problem with the Cat machine and the store gave cash back instead of CATS.  I've credited the $8 refunded directly to this order.)

Stop & Shop: $4.16
Walmart: $12.93 (We really needed the Iron Out!)

Shoprite: $3.35

Stop & Shop: $4.16

Shoprite: $1.56
Adams: $4.24

I spent about 30c at RiteAid and a whopping $17 on purchasing coupons which brings my weekly total up a bit.  Now, for every 4 rolls of Viva I received a $2.50 CAT (except the two orders that were a problem).  I also have about $15 in CATS from the Snackwell and Sundown deals.  So, while I did go over budget I have about $35 in CATS and I'm well stocked on many things.

Total Spending this week = $72.81
Total Savings this week = $325.70 or 82% Savings

Total Spending this month = $220.98
Total Savings this month = $745.12 or 77% Savings

I'm definitely going to have to trim the budget for August to make up for this extra spending!

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