Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Woeful Wednesday: Water, water everywhere

I love the water!  The ocean, a pool, a pond, a rambling stream, the lake...I even like a warm summer rain-shower, but water isn't good when it's in the wrong place.
See those stains?  They are from water coming into our master bedroom via a leak around our shower.  The picture on top is the water damage to the old 1950's tiles under our carpet.

While we can't always predict and plan for problems we encounter in life, we can deal with them in the best possible way.

We've begun to remove the damaged carpeting ourselves.  The next step will be to remove the leaky shower and then fix the problem. The problem fixing might be beyond our do-it-yourself abilities, so we'll likely hire a pro for that. Once the problem is completely resolved, we'll find the best deal on new flooring and do as much of the work ourselves as possibles. 

This is my "woe" this week!

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