Friday, July 8, 2011

Budget Blown for the second week in a row!

Well, this month could be totally bust!  I've set aside the usual $40/week or $200 for the month and after this week's shopping I've blown through $120.53 of that budget.  It's going to be super tight to try and squeeze by on $89.47 for the next three weeks, but I'll give it my all! On the other hand, I have finally managed to really get into some better eating habits and that might mean a necessary increase in the budget to accommodate the healthier habits.  We'll have to see how this trends.

Aldi, Dollar Tree and Lowes.
A big part of my budget went to the Fish Fertilizer pictured here for $11.xx.
I'm tracking all garden expenses associated with my veggie garden since it will hopefully reduce my food budget when it begins producing.

 Some needs from Aldi and dusters on clearance from Staples.
 Shoprite and Hannaford
The rest of my Shoprite groceries.

Total Spending this week = $64.38
Total Savings this week = $106.49 or 62% Savings

Total Spending this month = $120.53
Total Savings this week = $184.82 or 60% Savings

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