Friday, August 19, 2011

Mid-day work getting there!

1. Wash yesterday's dishes (yes, they sat overnight)
2. Start beans in crock-pot
3. Cut chicken for Ginger Lime Chicken recipe (tonight's dinner)
4. Prepare mixture for Tamale Pie
5. Layer Tamale Pie
6. Run Dishwasher
7. Wash today's dishes (from cooking)

8. Prep fresh green beans for dinner
9. Empty dishwasher
10. Prep and cook potatoes for dinner
11. Shoprite for some odds and ends (including the limes that I forgot for the Ginger Lime recipe)
12. Stop at Target to make a return
13. Return free Blockbuster rental
14. Finish Ginger Lime Chicken

I stopped along the way to make some phone calls, snuggle with DD2, make DD2 lunch, and take care of some bills/paperwork. I'm feeling pretty good about my progress.  DD2 is feeling good, too!

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