Monday, August 1, 2011

Pantry Check-In: Expiring in August!

An important part of stockpiling is to make sure your stockpile doesn't go to waste.  I try to keep my stockpile organized with the items that will expire soonest in front and with things like cereals I can manage to always keep on top of that chore.  Sometimes there are small odds and ends that get lost in the pantry and for that reason I like to do a monthly check-in where I poke around the pantry for a few minutes (maybe 15) and see what's lurking. 
These items will expire at some point in August.  I don't mind using some items that are slightly past date, but I prefer to not let it go too far out.  Since, I snapped this picture we have already used up the Chow Mein mixes and some of the popcorn. In order to ensure that we use up the rest before too, I've packed these soon to expire items together in the pantry.

They are now front and center to help me remember to use them first.

One more tip:  When doing my monthly pantry check I like to keep an eye out for items that are expiring in a few months and any items that seem to be untouched.  If our tastes, needs, or desires have changed and these foods will not likely get used up, now is the perfect time to pull them out to donate!


Frugal in Florida said...

Excellent suggestion ... I made the mistake of buying the Costco size box of microwave popcorn BEFORE I realized that the teens had read up on the issue with the fake butter flavoring ... ack. I'm not so sure I like that they pay attention to the news about food :)

Sandra said...

Great idea! I don't know how many food items and even hygiene items I've let expire. :(