Friday, August 26, 2011

Spectacular Savings: A Storm is on the horizon!

Well, I splurged on some more treats this week as well as some much needed produce.  I was planning to pick-up a bit of meat/poultry as we have very little on hand, but with the possibility of Hurricane Irene causing power outages I decided to skip that.  I did buy some matches and a few gallons of water to help with peace
of mind!

Total Spent: $43.58
Total Saved: $90.77 or 67% Savings

Total Spending August= $104.23
Total Savings August = $345.50 or 77% Savings
Remember, I've trimmed my August budget to account for July's overspending. $175 for the month (July 30th- September 2).
Total Remaining August: $70.77

That's a lot to spend this week, but since we're low on proteins, I may just spend it!

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