Saturday, August 6, 2011

Spectacular Savings: $15 to start off August!

This was a week of using up catalinas and rolling a few of them, too!

This first group of pictures are from Shoprite where I spent just $3.70 this week after catalinas.  The best part is that with all of the rolling cats for Marcal, I have more to use in the coming weeks!

This was a quick stop into Aldi and my biggest OOP of the week at $6.81

These are from spending my viva paper towel catalinas at Stop & Shop.   I grabbed a few things we needed (milk, lettuce) and also one treat...the instant Indian meal looked too good to pass up!  I spent a total of $4.07 at Stop & Shop.

Total Spending this week = $14.58
Total Savings this week = $129.89 or 90% Savings

I was over budget by $49 last month, so I'm going to trim my August budget to $35/week average or a total of $175 for the month (July 30th- September 2).

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