Monday, January 25, 2010

Do you really do that?

We all have our little frugal crazies, right?
So, when my husband left an ALMOST empty bottle of body wash on the counter, I asked, "Is that for the recycling?".  I took the cap off and added some water and put it back in the shower caddy for another use (heck, maybe even 2)! We do this will all of our shampoo, condioner, body wash, .....well, you get the idea.
Does that make me crazy?  Does it make me resourceful? 
One of the things that I most love about a frugal lifestyle is that it emphasizes minimizing waste. 
The lifecycle of my body wash, for example, is such that I have minimized waste all along the way.
It starts with using my own tote and refusing the store's plastic.  Some stores even reward me for bringing my own tote!  Then I drop my receipt in the recycling bin for paper (after I record it in my excel sheet, ofcourse).  It's then used, every last drop is used up.  Finally, when it is quite literally ALL GONE, it finds its way to my recycling bin.  Yes, even recycling saves me money!  After all, it's less trash to pay for at the dump and our dump takes recycleables for FREE!
So, you see, what might seem crazy, really adds up.

What are your frugal crazies, the ones that aren't really that crazy at all? 

BTW-I don't throw away the slivers of bar soap left at the end, I add them to the new bar!

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frugal_mom_jenn said...

Well, this at least drives my husband nuts! When I wash my hands at the sink and dry them with a paper towel I don't throw the paper towel away, I lay it on the counter so I can use it again later. It's still clean, just a little wet!
And I realize that paper towels are wasting our resources to begin with, but have not made the leap to only using washable towels YET. It's probably 50/50 right now, but I'm working on it.

Noelle said...

That's funny, Jenn.
We haven't made the switch yet either and are probably about 50/50 here too.
My husband used to work an early morning shift 4-8am and then come home for breakfast and head back to work. I used to yell at him that he was wasting electricity if he closed the garage door and re-opened it, since he was only here for a half hour. He asked me to stop bugging him about that!