Saturday, January 9, 2010

Menu Plan 1/11-1/17-----Use It Up!

Last week I had planned a nice Carribean Nights Slow Cooker for Wednesday. Well, as often happens, my well laid plan fell to pieces!  I forgot to pick up Plaintains!
My mom had given me a new Slow Cooker Recipe Book for my Birthday last month and then copied a few of the recipes since they looked so good!  She happened to mention over the Holidays that she had tried the Ropa Vieja recipe and that it was delicious!
I quickly decided that Ropa Vieja would be a great substitute!
And a great substitute it was!  It was easy and delicious!

DD3 insisted I take a picture of her plate while I was taking one of mine.  It's a good thing she did because the picture of my plate came out horribly, which I just found out as I attempted to load it here!
Do you like the Dora plate!?!


Monday- Veggie Burgers with Baked Potatoes and Broccoli
Tuesday-Dinner at a friend's house!
Wednesday- Tilapia with Rice and Zucchini
Thursday- Turkey Dogs and Mac N Cheese with Carrots
Friday- Frozen Pizza and Salad
Saturday- Black Beans and Rice with veggies
Sunday- Leftover Beans and Rice

I'm trying to use up a few things that have been in my freezer for a bit and need to be used up!
It's time to make room for new bargains and some more chicken breast, which we buy in 40lb bulk!

What's in your freezer taking up too much room!?


Colie's Kitchen said...

Great menu plan monday!! Thank you so much for sharing! I love new ideas!!

Kendra at New Life On A Homestead said...

Oooh, the Ropa Vieja sounds delicious! I'm gonna have to try that one. Thanks for sharing!!