Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A thrift Store Find!

I normally run my errands after dropping DD3 at preschool, rather than driving home only to head back out to pick her up.  Since, I've slowed down a bit on the drugstore shopping, I have more "free" time with DD1 during those morning hours.  I managed to get everything necessary done early today and so we made a quick stop into one of the local thrift stores.  I had driven by last week and noted a big sign in the window advertising 50% off all clothes!  This particular store is quite small and like most second hand stores, is hit or miss.  There was a cute sweatshirt for DD1, that would have been a quarter, but it was the size she is currently growing out of, so I skipped that deal.
I had two great finds:

They look pretty dull in this picture, but are really quite practical!
DD3 is wearing a 5/6 right now and these are size 6 blue cotton pants in excellent condition and for only 50c!
The sweater is for me and is Gap at a cost of $1.  It is so soft!  I can't wait to wash it so I can cuddle up in it.  It needs a little work to remove some of the pilling, but is perfect for this cold weather!

Are you in the Hudson Valley?
Leave a comment with the name, location, and any other pertinent info for your favorite second hand stores(doesn't just have to be clothes) and I'll compile a list and post it here!

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