Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wednesday Tip Day-Counting Calories is like shopping sales!

In the end of December I outlined a few of my current goals.  Last week I wrote about our path to eliminate debt, focusing on organization and improving time management skills.

My 4th goal is to:
4. Focus on exercise and healthier eating, but do so within our frugal lifestyle.

I have a great deal of extra weight that I have been carrying for some time.  I want and need to focus on reaching a healthy weight and then maintaining that weight.  I want to feel better so I can better enjoy my life and my family.  Up until very recently I had been opposed to counting calories to achieve these weight loss goals. What changed? 

If you are frugal, it goes without saying that you love a good great deal. I love paying 38c on a grocery trip and seeing the bottom of my receipt where it says, "Total Savings today is $40.22" (that's really one of my receipts from Shoprite last week)! So, I thought to myself, "Why can't I apply the same numbers to weight loss goals"?  If I can get the same rush from looking at everything I ate for the day and knowing that not only was it purchased at rock bottom prices, but it was healthy and afforded me lower caloric intake, then maybe counting calories can really work for me.
I'm going to allow a little wiggle room in my grocery budget to buy healthier foods if necessary, but am hoping it won't be.
I plan to track my numbers and post percentages of my total goal here alongside my monthly financial check-in.  I'm hoping the new way of looking at the numbers combined with the tracking will help me stick to my goals.

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