Friday, January 15, 2010

Shopping Week 1/9-1/15---I love Overage!

I made too many stops at Shoprite this week, but I'm ok with that.
The McCormick grinders were on sale for 99c and the 75c Q from recent inserts were giving overage with doubling.  I decided it was worth ordering Qs from ebay since each coupon gave 51c overage toward my other purchases.  I have 4 Qs left and am planning one last trip tomorrow to use up my Tony's Pizza Rain Check from a few weeks back.  The pizzas are 38c each after Qs with that rain check and I'll apply the overage toward that purchase!  Yes, that is 20 packages of bacon in my pictures! Those were 38c after Qs!


Next, I stopped at Aldi, Adams, and Target for a few things.

A quick stop at the bulk bins in Mother Earth's Warehouse followed by a quick run in to Target for the Special K!

SHOPRITE= $23.83
ADLI= $9.92
(I used a giftcard from a previous deal to pay for the special k, which would have been $1.73)


It's a little more than I like to spend in a week, but I knew this was going to happen.
When I stopped in to Aldis to pick up a few of the produce items and parmesan cheese, I decided to buy a second container of parm so as to avoid stopping in again for awhile.  I made a similar decision at Mother Earth's in regards to the rice and beans.  I stocked up a bit more than we need right now, so as to avoid another trip into the store anytime soon.


Jennifer said...

Wow! You did awesome! We never get overage here. Way to go.

Noelle said...

Thanks, Jennifer! It's pretty rare here, too!

Savingabundle said...

Wow! This is a great shopping trip! You should be proud. I have yet to find Bacon that cheap. Thanks for linking.