Thursday, January 21, 2010

I did it!

Remember my goal to improve organization?
I have taken one major step in the right direction!

I finally tackled my "to be filed" file and took care of over a years worth of filing.sorting.shredding!

It's feels so great to have this done.
And, I am retraining myself as well.
I had a few more things that needed to be filed a few days after I accomplished this and went to put them in the "to be filed" file and realized it would only take a moment longer to file them directly!


Post Grad said...

Wow! That's quite an accomplishment. You should be very proud. I'm working on the organization thing myself.

Noelle said...

Thanks! It's such a process of sticking to it and rethinking things. I'm learning a little at a time takes much less time in the long run!