Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Love-Hate Relationship with Walgreens

I stopped in to Wags today for a quick trip after dropping DD3 at school. (Wags is across town, so I don't shop there except on days when we are near the store.)

I read on AFULLCUP  that there was a great deal on Reach toothbrushes and since deals on toothbrushes are not as frequent as some other items, I thought I should take advantage.
Back in early December I used up all of my Register Rewards and decided to skip Wags for awhile.  I like the deals, but rolling the register rewards gets complicated and they only have a 2week expiration period which was adding to the problem.  When I made that decision, I was wondering if I would feel like I was missing out on the deals.  I've really enjoyed having less planning and running around to do and since our Health and Beauty Stockpile is pretty well stocked (hahha), I don't feel like I am missing much at all.
However, I was happy to get in on the Reach deal, which involved no Register Rewards and one 10 minute trip.  (It was only that long because I stopped to check out the Christmas Clearance, which by-the-way was still only 50% off!) 
In all of my rambling, I guess I am trying to say that I think the decision I made to skip Wags has been ammended to a decision to only partake in deals that don't involve Register Rewards.

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