Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wednesday Tip Day (A Day Late)----thinking outside the box!

Sometime in the spring/summer of 2009 I managed to get in on the super deals at Target that made these free or very cheap.  I really stocked up on them since they were such a bargain.
About a month ago we ran out of regular Q-Tips.  I almost went to the store, but since there were no great deals, I thought twice.  I'm so glad I did.  Why did I NEED to spend money when I had, essentially, the same product right in my own closet.
An important part of being frugal is thinking outside the box. 
You can apply this to many things, but most often I apply this practice in regards to recipes.  I love to try new recipes, but often find the fresh ingredients can get pricey.  So, we substitute with something else in season or on sale.
For example, the Chicken Burritos recipe that we use calls for Green Peppers.  Well, often green peppers are the best price, but if red is a better deal then we use red peppers.

There are so many ways to apply thinking out of the box to a frugal lifestyle and there are so many creative people out there who can turn anything into something practical.
I love seeing the magicians at work via posts on their blogs or magazine articles and even in everyday life.

What are your favorite outside the box things?

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